iOS Rate Survey 2013 Results

iOS Rate Survey 2013 Results

We surveyed the iOS contract development community from June 21–30th. We asked what they charge for their work along with a few related questions. (Original blog post)

We had 88 entries in total. Thank you very much if you contributed! We'll run this survey again next year. 

Right off the top, across all entries, the average rate is $93/hour and the median rate is $97/hour.

To put some perspective on those numbers, we created charts of all responses below. We also wrote up our thoughts on these findings in a blog post.

All rates and dollar figures are in US Dollars. 


Average Rate

$93 / hour

Median Rate

$97 / hour

About the Developers

Over 72% of respondents have been developing for iOS for 3 years or greater and most rate themselves as strong developers. We're a talented bunch!

time developing.png

Rates in detail

Rate distribution follows a curve and is noticeably effected by self-rated proficiency. When viewed based on locale, distributed teams seem to charge less.

rate ranges.png
rate per prof.png
rate per locale.png

How we charge

We also asked about hourly rates vs. project ranges. The majority of projects are $50K and under.

project ranges.png



Your Team

How big is your team, your company, and where are you located? 


Product vs. Client Revenue

We also asked about your product revenue. Some of you supplement your client work with products, and some are supplementing their product revenue with client work!


We also asked about revenue growth of client vs. product, but we did not receive enough answers to show a chart.